About 90 Millimeter Observatory

90 Millimeter Observatory seeks to introduce students, parents and educators to STEM education through astronomy using the tools of amateur astronomy such as readily available telescopes at public star parties. We also seek opportunities to present astronomy focused classroom presentations followed by Solar observing and offing astronomy presentations and observing opportunities to students and parents during evening and after school programs. In addition, 90 Millimeter Observatory seeks to hold public star parties during township events held at public locations like parks, township buildings and public libraries.

The 90 Millimeter Observatory encourages learning the night sky through the naked eye, binoculars and small telescopes in an effort to bring awareness to the public about the science of astronomy and the negative effects that light pollution has on all of us. Join us on our adventure exploring the cosmos.

Sky Conditions

The sky conditions at the observatory are typically poor due largely to light pollution. While the township does have outdoor lighting ordinances in place, they are not enforced. As a result the observatory is in a Red Zone. The faintest star visible to the naked eye is magnitude 4.5 on the very best of nights.

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About Our Founder

Dan Acker has been an amateur astronomer and an avid deep sky observer since 1978 and is a member of the DVAA, BMA2 and founder of the 90 Millimeter Observatory. In 1986 he co-founded the ChesMont Astronomical Society. Dan welcomes your comments at dan.90mm@gmail.com.