See 5 bright Planets this July

You can see five bright planets this July.

Three of them, Jupiter Mars and Saturn are the easy ones but you’ll have to work a little harder for Mercury and Venus. Jupiter is the brightest this month and is easily visible in the western sky until late evening. Mars is the bright red object toward the south and forms a triangle with Saturn and the 0.8 magnitude star Antares, which is also red. By the way, Antares is Greek for… “like Mars” or “rivaling Mars.” So it may be easy to confuse Antares with Mars if your new to stargazing. Remember, stars twinkle, planets don’t.  One quick look at Mars and Antares with binoculars or small telescope and you’ll see the difference between the two objects.

As for Mercury and Venus, by mid July you can start to find them with your naked eye low in the west just after sunset. By the end of the month you should be able to see all 5 bright planets at once for a short period.

Want more information? Check out this handy guide from EarthSky.

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