Take a deep breath and check back in a couple of days. This is a restart of the 90 Millimeter Observatory blog. It has taken quite a while to get back to posting our observation and we’ll re-post a few of our favorites, with updates, in a few days.

Meanwhile, back at the observatory….

We’ve been busy wrapping up the 2015 observing season and making noble plans for 2016. One thing for sure, we want to do more Solar, Lunar and planetary imaging next year as well as deep sky sketching and maybe a little imaging. I know sketching may seem a little “old school” to many of you but, if there’s one thing I learned over the years is this; if you really want to see and understand what your seeing, sketch it. Even if your sketching seems a little crude, you’ll be amazed at how much more detail your eye can see.

Another project which looks interesting is the unsolicited support of the Astronomical League. Many of you are members of the AL through either your clubs affiliation or as a member-at-large. You already know that the AL has some wonderful observing programs, and all of them can and will make you a better observer. Anyone who has completed one of these observing programs and has received the observing award certificate, understands the value of these programs, and we want to encourage you to try a couple for yourself.

So, we’re looking forward to the 2016 observing season and I hope we get many, many clear nights. But as you may suspect, we’re in an area of the country where clear skies are few and light pollution continues to increase. Which, by the way, is another issue we plan to address along with the area astronomy clubs.

Clear Skies Everyone.


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